New Penn Jersey Tractor Pullers Association Inc.

SINCE 1978

   NPJ 2017 General Rules- Apply to all classes.

(No changes for 2020 season to this section)
1.   Driver must be at least 18 years of age, or 16 years of age with a minor release form signed by parent or guardian.
       (Farm Stock Pace Classes Only = 14 years of age with minor release form signed by parent or guardian.)
2.   All contestants at every event must sign a waiver understanding that: 
     He or She is competing at their own risk.  
     He or She will not bring suit against any official, employee, promoter, and/or property owner.
     By signing the release form, He or She agrees to all rules set forth.
3.    All vehicles must pass tech inspection before competing.
      If presiding officials determine a vehicle is unsafe, officials have the right not to allow said vehicle to compete.
4.   REGISTRATION CLOSES 30 Minutes prior to scheduled event start.
      If you are running late - call contact number listed for specific event on site calendar.
      No Late Entries without calling ahead - No Exceptions.
5.   All drivers must attend drivers’ meeting approximately 30min before event is scheduled to start.
6.   Vehicles may only register once per class.
      A vehicle cannot register after drivers' meeting has taken place unless competition director approves.
            To receive a refund of entry fee, puller is required to notify entry official (at registration trailer) prior to start of that class.
            If puller does not officially withdraw before start of class, then puller forfeits entry fee.  
7.  ONE driver and NO RIDERS will be allowed in a vehicle when it is being towed or driven while In pit area, staging area, or on the track.
8.   When the competition vehicle’s engine is running, (pits, staging area, track, etc.) a driver must be in the driver’s seat.
9.   No one allowed on track except for track officials and contestants.
      TRACK is defined as the area within 35 feet in ANY direction of the contest boundaries.
      This includes the runoff area at the finish end of the track.
10.  All contestants must drive vehicle onto the track and into position to compete under its own power
        and must also leave under its own power unless breakage occurred.
11.  All pulls must start with a tight chain.
       No jerking of any kind is permitted.
       Vehicle must remain within boundaries of the track or the puller will be disqualified.
       Any Ballast or External parts falling off of a competition vehicle while hooked to sled will be cause for disqualification.
12.  Puller will be allowed a total of two (2) attempts within the 75 feet mark. 
       Test puller may drop six (6) positions.
13.  Puller must wait for green flag from starting flagman before starting the pull. 
       Leaving the starting line while under the red flag will be an automatic disqualification.
     Driver must stop immediately upon signal of red flag from flagman.
14.  Competition vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times within the confines of the track, pit area, and staging area. 
       Tech officials have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle which is being operated in a reckless manner.
16.  If any vehicle or driver is disqualified, there will be NO refund of entry fee.
17.  Be aware that the following persons are considered Tech Officials: 
       Competition Inspection Team, Scale Operator, Sled Operator, Flaggers, Hook tenders, 
       as well as all New Penn Jersey Officers and Directors in attendance and working the day of competition.

       Tech Officials may Tech or Inspect any competition vehicle at any time before or during the event.
       Decisions of the Tech Officials are final - Any competitor who attempts to overturn a decision by talking to tech officials 
       or the promoter is subject to disqualification from the class.

       Reasons for Disqualification and Season Long Suspension:

                        - Habitual rule infraction
                        - Blatant rule infraction
                        - Argument with Tech Official
                        - Deliberate delay of event
                        - Attacking of Tech Official
                        - Intoxication of Driver, Owner, or Crew.

       Tech Officials have the right to ban a puller and vehicle for 1 year and 10 days (season long suspension) for any disqualification.
        If suspended vehicle is sold, it is allowed to pull but suspended party must not be involved in any way.
        Suspended party is not allowed in the pit area or track area for duration of suspension.   
18.   Promoter or Competition Director reserves the right to change any rules at any time, if they feel there is a necessity to do so.

19.   POINTS:

        Points awarded to vehicle, not driver. 
       The competition vehicle must move the sled to receive any points.
        50 point system, dropping by 2 points per place. (First = 50) (Second = 48) (Third = 46) (Fourth = 44...and so on).  
        In event of a rain out or sled broke, 10 points each to all competition vehicles that were signed up on time and ready to run.
        A disqualification due to operator error (such as out of bounds) will result in last place points for that class.
        A disqualification due to safety or rules infraction will result in zero points given.
Year End Tie Breaker:

Distance for all hooks that season for "tied" vehicles will be totalled. 

(DQ's = Zero distance)